Our Team

Our mission is to create solutions for your business which result in the desired outcomes to meet your goals and objectives and demonstrate a concrete return on investment. Our team promotes the application of psychological principles and methodologies to the business context in a practical and applied manner. This means that your organisation benefits from the latest evidence-based assessment, strategies and interventions condensed into easy to understand business terminology and functional processes and programs.

Whether your organisation is experiencing current challenges, wants to safeguard against future risk, or simply wants to grow or create a better employee and customer experience; we are here to help.

Our Founders

ORGsight was conceived after its founders met while completing their qualifications in Organisational Psychology. After working together at a large consultancy they realised that there were a lack of custom, context specific organisational assessments and solutions in the available to clients who wanted more than a standard, off the shelf service. They sought to create a company that would invest the time and resources into truly understanding their clients' organisational context and operating environment in order to provide them with relevant, practical, and effective solutions that would achieve the set goals and required return on investment.

Ashton Warrick

Ashton is an endorsed Organisational Psychologist with a Master of Applied Psychology (Organisational) and is one of the Directors of ORGsight. Before her career change Ashton had over a decade of public sector experience in compliance and business integrity, as well as private and public sector consulting across the training, mining, health, education, legal, and wine industries.

When she is not at work Ashton can be found volunteering in her Board and Committee roles and spending time with her nieces and nephews. She is a self confessed wine and coffee snob and enjoys relaxing with true crime and reality TV. 

Helena Freeman

Helena is an endorsed Organisational Psychologist with a Master of Applied Psychology (Organisational) and is one of the Directors of ORGsight. Helena holds qualifications in marketing, human resources, and commercial law having previously used these skills in the mining, engineering, construction, health, technology and legal sectors, and helping small and medium businesses.

When she is not working Helena enjoys spending time with her children, horses, and volunteering. She frequently has her head in a book (or journal article), or outside in the garden. According to everyone she knows she owns too many pets!

Our Process

Every project we undertake is established on the basis of your specific organisational context. There is no one size fits all when it comes to your people and process so we never use “off the shelf” solutions. Instead, we work to fully understand your business as if it were our own and create custom solutions to meet your needs; whether they be to overcome challenges or to grow and improve.



Information and knowledge are gathered through assessment at the individual, team, and organisational levels.



On the basis of our comprehensive assessment process we design solutions to meet your organisational goals.



Each solution is designed to integrate with and underpin your overarching business strategy to ensure your long-term success.



The effectiveness of each strategy is then evaluated and any necessary improvements are based on further information gathering.
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