Our assessment solutions are more than just a survey that gives your organisation a colour or a number.


Our tools include multi-rater feedback, personality, aptitude, performance and virtual assessment centres to improve your recruitment, selection, development, succession planning and performance management strategies and processes.


If you are looking to improve team functioning and performance, or to better understand how to maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of your teams this can be done through team assessment and the use of simulation activities.


Whether you want to better understand your employee experience across the lifecycle, your organisational culture, job satisfaction, customer preferences, or something else, we can tailor-make an assessment program to get you the data you need.

Why Consult a Psychologist ?

Did you know that rigorous survey design requires specific expertise to ensure that you are measuring what you intend on measuring? 

Surveys are a useful tool to gather specific information to better understand important individual, team and organisational concepts in the context of your business, however only if they are valid and reliable measures. We are a team of Psychologists and our expertise is in designing assessments and measures, analysing data, reporting results, and utilising this information to inform program, process, and procedure design. This is what sets us apart from management consultants who often do not understand the complexities of assessment design, and use commercially available, cookie cutter, out of the box solutions. It is important that you ensure that you are liaising with a suitably qualified professional and expert when looking to survey your stakeholders to ensure that you are gathering valid and reliable information, with appropriate and accurate data analysis and evidence-based recommendations that can be relied upon for your resource allocation, interventions and action planning.

Assessment Services

  • Employee Engagement
    Our employee experience and engagement methodology is multifaceted and includes role, team, leadership, and organisational level factors to ensure an integrated understanding across the employee lifecycle.


    While there are some consistent factors across organisations, many are specific to your industry, product or service, location, employees, and strategic objectives.


    Clearly identify the focus areas where you can have a large impact and easily plan the actions needed to achieve these.
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  • 360-Degree Feedback
    The ORGsight 360-degree tool is underpinned by an evidence-based, best-practice approach to leadership development, and utilises a behavioural competency method linked to the improvement of leadership capability.


    Mapping of competencies to your existing internal leadership framework or the scoping and development of a custom framework.


    Optional one on one coaching sessions can support leaders to further work on their individual development goals.
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  • Business Culture
    Our process involves more than an employee survey on their perceptions, ensuring that you gain an in-depth understanding of the specific factors which are likely to be impacting on your organisational culture.


    Understand whether your culture is functional and fit for purpose or if it is inadequate to support your ongoing business objectives and strategy.


    Optional one on one coaching sessions can support leaders to further work on their individual development goals.
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  • Change Management
    Each stage of change requires targeted assessment to appropriately understand the current context within the organisation, as well as specific and focused interventions to ensure that the change process remains productive.


    Our solutions are customised to align with your context and the type of change you are experiencing, ensuring measurable organisational and employee related outcomes.


    Macro level change models consolidated with micro level organisational psychology research underpins our methodology.
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  • School Climate
    Understand your employees perceptions, measure the effectiveness of your leaders, gain insight into what your families think about your school, and determine current student attitudes with a custom measure designed for your schools context.


    School climate must be considered holistically from the perspectives of all stakeholders including; staff, students, alumni, families, and the wider community.


    Understand which factors are specifically impacting stakeholder perceptions of your school climate so they can be improved.
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  • Stakeholder Engagement
    In order to be successful at meeting your core business objectives it is crucial to understand the perceptions and needs of your internal and external stakeholders be they employees, customers, suppliers, investors, community members, or another group.


    When undertaking strategic planning or a change in direction you need to understand the views of all your key stakeholders to ensure that you are on the correct path.


    Clearly identify the focus areas where you can have a large impact and easily plan the actions needed to achieve these.
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Our Solutions and Process

When assessing an organisation and its employees we take a holistic and custom approach to ensure that the data and insights gathered can be used to underpin your strategic objectives and organisational context.


Our surveys are custom designed to ensure the collection of valid and reliable information. There are many reasons to survey your stakeholder groups  including employee engagement, change readiness and organisational culture, among others. Our surveys are delivered using a secure online platform which can be accessed on any computer or mobile device, providing a seamless participant experience.


Observational assessment can be used in conjunction with a range of other assessment methods including surveys. Directly observing individual and/or team behaviour can provide a range of in-depth insights regarding their functioning and performance which can then be used to inform and support intervention development and action planning.


To further support data gathering efforts and obtain rich supporting information, surveys can be followed by focus groups and/or one on one interviews with specific stakeholder groups (or used to inform survey design). These are conducted using best-practice processes and the resultant information is thematically analysed, consolidated, and compared with the results of any quantitative data collected.


Reviews or audits of internal documentation, processes, standard operating procedures, human resource data and systems, and other relevant information can provide a range of vital supporting information that contributes to a more well-rounded and complete view of your organisation. This can highlight specific areas for improvement and can then be used to further inform decision making, intervention design and action planning.

More than just a Survey

The purpose of assessment is to gain valuable and practical information to identify the gap between the current and desired state within your organisation. Our assessment methodology is to blend the academic and applied to ensure that the results of any assessment are credible and benefit your organisation with real utility, not just a number. 

We do more than survey your employees. Our process ensures that you get a custom solution specific to your organisational context, fit for purpose, including environmental assessment, audit of policies and procedures and performance data for example, gathering all the necessary information from a range of sources in order to shape the intervention. Whether you need validated assessment solutions to enhance your recruitment and selection strategy; the ability to better understand your organisational culture; the ability to ensure that you change strategy stays on track and succeeds; or anything in between, we can design a custom assessment program so that you can get the most useful insights and practical action planning solutions.

Assessment FAQ's

Are your surveys cookie cutter standard?

No. We do not use cookie cutter measures or standardised item banks. Instead, all of our items and measures are designed based on evidence-based best practice. While some content is essential, all of our measures are customised in collaboration with each client to ensure that your context and goals are taken into account, giving you the data you require to make informed decisions.

What software do you use?

Assessment is a fundamental component of what we do so we do not use free software that is available to everyone to conduct our assessments. Instead, we utilise custom, specially designed software which conforms to the highest levels of data security and GDPR compliance. We offer you the ability to fully customise the look and feel of your surveys (as well as the content) to reflect your company colours and branding.

I want to measure something you don't discuss here?

If you want to measure and understand something we do not explicitly state on the website, rest assured we can help. These are the most commonly requested services, however, we are experts at measurement design, psychometrics, and data analysis so get in touch and we can discuss your situation and how we can help.

How do I know if a survey or questionnaire is good?

It can take years of training and experience to be able to differentiate a high quality assessment from a poor one, however, you can look for some key things. Does the measure have high face validity i.e., does it appear to be asking about what you intend to measure? Does it contain any double barreled items - those that use the words "and" or "or" (we don't want these!)? Does it seem too good to be true? If a measure asks only a small number of questions but is said to give results on a large number of categories its probably not very good. There is a statistically determined minimum number of items which must be included per factor; hint - it's more than one! 

Should I care about reliability and validity?

The short answer is - YES! If you don't know what these are google them and look for the image of the targets that show what these constructs represent. Also, consider asking yourself - if you don't know what these are how likely is it that the consultant you are engaging does? If they didn't study statistics or haven't been exposed to them directly in their working life they probably know very little. Don't believe someone who just says their measure is tested but can't really explain how. 

Saville Assessment Partner

We are an accredited partner of Saville Assessment who specialise in the research and development of precision talent assessments to increase organisational and people performance. We utilise some of the Saville suite of products including; personality, aptitude, 360-degree, and virtual assessment centres.
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