Assessment Solutions

Our comprehensive assessment solutions are deigned to provide actionable information and a strong return on investment. They are more than just a survey that gives your organisation a colour or a number.

Our Approach to Assessment 

When assessing an organisation and its employees we take a holistic and tailored approach to ensure that the data and insights gathered can be used to underpin your strategic objectives and organisational context.

Assessment, and the information it provides is at the core of everything we do, and our training and experience in psychometrics is what distinguishes us from other consultants, many of whom utilise "off the shelf" measures. These can have low validity and utility which results in a low return on investment and a failure to meet the intended outcomes.
Our process ensures that you receive a custom solution which is specific to your organisational context, is fit for purpose, and where necessary includes an industry, competitor,  and/or operating environment analysis, and an audit of your internal policies, procedures and performance or HR data.
Our assessment methodology blends the academic and applied to ensure that the results you receive are reliable and can be used to benefit your organisation by supporting the achievement of your goals.

Assessment Cycle

The purpose of assessment is to gain valuable and practical information to identify the gap between the current and desired state within your organisation. We do more than just survey your employees. We gather all the necessary information from a range of sources in order to gain in-depth understanding and shape impactful and relevant interventions. 

Whether you need validated assessment solutions to support your strategic planning process, underpin organisational development activities, enhance inclusion and diversity in your business; better understand your organisational culture; or understand the perceptions of employees, the community, or other stakeholders, we can design a custom assessment program to provide you with the most useful insights. Once the data has been gathered and analysed we support you in creating a practical action plan and relevant initiatives based on the findings.

Our Solutions and Process

When assessing an organisation and its employees we take a holistic and custom approach to ensure that the data and insights gathered can be used to underpin your strategic objectives and organisational context.
Our surveys are custom designed to ensure the collection of valid and reliable information. There are many reasons to survey your stakeholder groups  including employee and stakeholder engagement, organisational culture, community or customer feedback and consultation, among others. Our surveys are delivered using a secure online platform which can be accessed on any computer or mobile device, providing a flexible and seamless participant experience.
To further support data gathering efforts and obtain rich supporting information, surveys can be followed by focus groups and/or one on one interviews with specific stakeholder groups (or used to inform survey design). These are conducted using best-practice processes and the resultant information is thematically analysed, consolidated, and compared with the results of any quantitative data collected.
Observational assessment can be used in conjunction with a range of other methods including surveys and interviews. Directly observing individuals and/or group behaviour can provide a range of comprehensive insights regarding group functioning and performance, and demonstrate whether discrepancies exist between what individuals say and actually do. This data can then be used to inform and support intervention development and action planning.
Reviews or audits of internal documentation, processes, standard operating procedures, human resource data and systems, performance, and other relevant information provide vital supporting information that creates a well-rounded and complete view of your organisation. This can highlight specific areas for improvement and then be used to further inform decision making, intervention design and action planning.
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