Effective Change Management

Change is more than a process. It relies on the people in your organisation; whether to initiate, manage, carry out, or accept the change. Poorly managed and communicated change is likely to result in a stressful working environment for employees and lead to unsatisfactory organisational outcomes. 

Major change such as restructuring, mergers, and downsizing will present specific challenges and opportunities which will be different from those associated with internal changes like a technology upgrade, process and policy changes, or a redefinition in strategy and shift in objectives and performance targets. Our solutions are customised to align with your context , ensuring measurable organisational and employee related outcomes which can be evaluated to demonstrate the level of change success.

What Type of Change?

Different types of change can be categorised in a variety of different ways - from what the outcome is impacting (the organisation, its' people, or its' processes), its level (individual, team, or organisational), whether it is internally or externally targeted, planned or unplanned, or small or large. 

Regardless of how we categorise a change, different changes require different solutions and even the same type of change needs to be implemented taking into account the specific factors of your industry and business context.

For simplicity we can consider change in terms of its straightforwardness or complexity.
Small scale changes are generally more simple to manage and can be accomplished through using best-practice change and communication principles. These changes may include implementing a new process, technology or training program, bringing on a new leader or leadership team, or altering position requirements and policies.
Complex changes include organisational strategy, transformation efforts, restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, culture changes, and alterations to product or service offerings. These changes require extensive planning, stakeholder engagement, formalised communication efforts, ongoing monitoring, and comprehensive evaluations.

Our Change Process

Information must be gathered from all key stakeholders through custom, fit-for-purpose quantitative assessments and supporting interviews, focus groups, and internal audits.
A purpose built change strategy is then designed, specifically for the context of your organisation and employees, the change in question, and the outcomes that you hope to accomplish.
The strategy is then implemented and leaders and employees guide and advocate for the change. Further assessment can identify areas where the strategy needs to be refined or adjusted.
Momentum for the implementation must be maintained and reinforced and depending on the type of change it may need to be integrated into the culture of the organisation for long-term success.
The effectiveness of the change program must be evaluated with the information being used to further refine current change efforts and to inform improvements for future changes.

The Importance of Consultation

While it is possible to manage change internally, there are a number of reasons why brining external assistance on board may aid in successfully implementing your change.
Managing change is a specialised business function which requires specific expertise in stakeholder engagement, communications, and most importantly an understanding of human behaviour. Change must be led from the top, however, executive and senior level leaders have other responsibilities which can take priority over consistently monitoring, communicating, and adjusting the change process to employees and other stakeholders.
Unlike other consultants we have a sound understanding of managing change from both from an organisational perspective and an individual (cognitive and behavioural) one. This allows us to offer you highly integrated solutions which cover the entire change process. In addition to our practical expertise in change, we have completed a number of research studies investigating the main factors impacting positive change outcomes.
Our change assessments are custom designed to reflect your organisational context and the specific change you are undertaking to ensure that you are able to accurately understand and track the perceptions and reactions of your employees at every stage of the change process.
Our measure design is underpinned not only by best-practice change management models and frameworks, but also vast amounts of empirical research, including our own academic research into the factors impacting change success.

Change Assessment

With high failure rates for change implementations commonly reported it is vital to clearly understand which factors are impacting the likelihood of success within your organisation. 

Each stage of change requires targeted assessment to appropriately understand the current context within your organisation.

We design custom measurement solutions which include the assessment of the factors shown to influence the success of change initiatives such as resistance to change, readiness for change, organisational justice, and trust in leadership among others.

Change Solutions

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