Employee Experience and Engagement

While many commercial "models" of engagement focus on the outcomes of engagement for the organisation, it is more important to consider the impacts of the organisation and its structures, processes and policies on the individual. Understanding how these can be shaped to create an environment where individuals are happy and performing at their best, whatever stage of the employee lifecycle they may be in, will drive business success. From a psychological standpoint, engagement (and employee experience) is not really a single construct, rather it is a case that the factors that make up "engagement" predict or drive a number of positive organisational outcomes such as productivity, performance, retention, and innovation. 
There are a number of core factors which have been demonstrated to predict and drive engagement. These are included in every survey to ensure that we get an accurate understanding of how your organisation is meeting the basic needs of its employees.
Each organisation is different and you may have current programs aimed at improving engagement, or current changes or challenges. If you want to know how these are impacting on the perceptions of your employees, we can find out as part of yearly or more regular assessment.


We are not a software company, and we are not a survey company. We are here to support our clients, not only in understanding where the strengths and opportunities exist in their employee experience, but also in providing the guidance necessary to ensure they stay on track as they make changes to improve their employees perceptions.

We conduct follow-up interviews, focus groups, and internal audits where necessary to ensure that we have a complete picture of your organisation and its assets and challenges. 

Action Planning is Critical

We do not simply give you a number and walk away until the following year. Instead, we provide you with the necessary insights and facilitate your action planning sessions to get the ball rolling.

It doesn't stop with a score!

The purpose of understanding where employees have positive perceptions versus identified areas for improvement is to make the necessary changes and capitalise on the improvements in the positive outcomes associated with a good employee experience and high engagement.

Other processes and programs can then be aligned to  your employee experience goals e.g., culture, selection, rewards and recognition.
Adequate resource allocation;
Communication strategy
Targeted training and workshops
Change management processes
Employee experience design

The Importance of Leadership

Your leaders are the heart of your organisation. High quality leadership will inspire and motivate employees, while poor leaders will degrade the employee experience and reduce engagement.
Leaders must be clear on the vision and purpose of the organisation, and communicate this clearly and consistently to employees.
Leaders must lead by example and be authentic in their words and action to create an environment where employees trust them.
Your true goal must be to create high affective engagement - where employees genuinely want to work for your organisation.
At ORGsight we celebrate diversity. We welcome all people, regardless of their cultural background, race, gender, sexual orientation, or ability.
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