Inclusion and Diversity

Your people are your most important asset, so creating a psychologically safe organisational culture and working environment, where each employee feels valued, included, and that they can bring their whole self to work is simply sound business practice! 
If you are looking to improve inclusion and diversity within your organisation, or are not sure where to start, we can assist you with the creation of a cohesive overarching I&D strategy, and the associated processes and policies. We can further support you in reviewing, understanding, and enhancing the culture within your business, or a specific department or team, to ensure it is psychologically safe and promotes participation for all of your employees.
Once you have a clear understanding of the state of I&D within your business, and what goals you hope to accomplish, we can help you create programs and initiatives specific to your employees and their needs. We can support the implementation through mentoring, training, workshops, and coaching, and review and evaluate program success to ensure that feedback and initiative effectiveness are used to continually improve future I&D efforts.
We are proud to facilitate the yearly Pride Professionals Mentoring Programs that provide formal mentoring for LGBTQ+ professionals working across various industries in Western Australia. The programs support mentees through career guidance and direction, developing goals, sharing experiences, and forging exceptional mentoring relationships beyond the program’s duration.

Outcome of I&D

Below are just some of the many benefits and positive outcomes which can be achieved from focusing on inclusion and diversity, and creating a culture of psychological safety.
I&D creates an environment where creativity and innovation can flourish.
It leads to better productivity and performance at all levels of an organisation.
It helps you become an employer of choice and a company that clients and customers respect.
It leads to decreased absenteeism, presenteeism, and reduced turnover.
At ORGsight we celebrate diversity. We welcome all people, regardless of their cultural background, race, gender, sexual orientation, or ability.
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