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We work with your school to support the achievement of your strategic goals, ensure your teaching and non-teaching staff are happy and productive, engage your parent and carer community, and prepare your students to accomplish their objectives and future pathways while protecting their well-being.

School Climate Assessments

Every school has multiple stakeholder groups who are valuable sources of information and feedback. Their perceptions reveal how effectively your school is meeting its mission, vision, values, and strategic objectives, and the overall stakeholder and student experience.

We engage all relevant stakeholder groups during our assessment process, including; employees, students, families, exiting students and families, alumni, Board/Council members, and the broader community in which your school exists.

Custom Assessments

Whether you need to better understand your employees perceptions, measure the effectiveness of your leaders, gain insight into what your families think about your school, or determine current student attitudes we can design the most effective measure for your context.

Our custom measures include engagement, culture, 360-degree feedback, change readiness, student attitudes, exit, and graduate preparedness. These results can be used for strategic planning, professional development and program design.

Education Services

We offer custom solutions for your school’s context, however, here are some examples of our common services.
Whether you need to understand the perceptions of your staff, students or wider community, we can design custom measures to gather the data you need.
Ensure your executive and support staff are the best fit for your school and its goals and values using our evidence-based selection methodology and processes.
Demonstrate transparent, best practice processes through external data collection and analysis, planning facilitation and community consultation.
Prepare Y11 & 12 students with our custom programs designed to develop the essential graduate competencies for success at university, TAFE, and/or work.
Comprehensive competency modelling for the leadership team and Board will ensure you have the skills, knowledge, and experience necessary to achieve your goals.
Assess, understand, and reinforce the well-being of your staff and students through our programs based on the latest research in mental health and flourishing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you education consultants?
No. We do not see ourselves as “education consultants”, we are Psychologists and our expertise is in designing assessments and measures, analysing data, reporting results, and utilising this information to inform program, process, and procedure design. We are experienced in workshop facilitation, strategy development, and human capital management in a range of industries.
What software do you use for your surveys?
Assessment is a fundamental component of what we do so we do not use free software that is available to everyone to conduct our assessments. Instead, we use a purpose built system, which GDPR compliant. We offer you the ability to fully customise the look and feel of your surveys (as well as the content) to reflect your schools colours and branding.
What makes you qualified to help?
While we are experienced in working with different education providers we actually work across many industries. Our employees are all Registered Psychologists and hold a minimum qualification of a Master of Applied Psychology (Organisational). This means that you can be certain that our services are evidence-based and comply with strict professional standards and a code of ethics.
Are your surveys "cookie cutter" and standard?
No. We do not use cookie cutter measures. Instead, all of our items and measures are designed based on evidence-based best practice. While some content is essential, all of our measures are customised in collaboration with each client to ensure that your context and goals are taken into account, giving you the data you require to make informed decisions.

Future Leaders

Current research suggests that with over 10,000 hours spent at school, among the highest in the world, we are failing to adequately prepare students with the desirable skills and competencies that they need to succeed in their future pathways.

The Future Leaders Program is designed to supplement school based learning and activities to better equip Year 11 and 12 students with a range of skills. The program is modular and is customised based on the specific requirements of your students.


Enrol at University


Enrol in Other Education


Pursue Employment
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