Manage your Human Capital

Your people are your most important asset. If you manage your human capital strategically throughout the employee lifecycle you will be better positioned to realise the value your employees bring to your organisation.
The financial aspects and success of M&A transactions are usually at the forefront of the process while employees needs are neglected. A lack of HR planning and forecasting can result in the need to make redundancies and a lack of culture alignment leads to poor long-term outcomes. Instead, considering the required culture for the new entity rather than allowing the dominant culture to take hold can create a shared sense of purpose between employees.
Best-practice board composition will be highly dependent on your organisation and industry. Depending on the expertise required for your context we can design an ideal skills matrix that will accurately reflect you strategic priorities.

Organisational (Re)Design and Structure

Designing an effective and functional organisation and structure not only underpins your overall strategy but supports the establishment of your desired culture. Done well, the result is a highly engaged and productive workforce, sound decision-making, and an increased ability to respond to external forces while ensuring you achieve your goals.

Whether you need to undergo a major re-design and restructure or make minor changes to better align to your overarching strategy this is an ongoing process which is continually evolving as your organisation changes.

Strategic HR and the Employee Lifecycle

In order to effectively manage the employee lifecycle you have to start with having a sound human resources strategy.
Your HR strategy and strategic workforce plan must be aligned to your overall business strategy and objectives. To accomplish this we suggest considering whether your organisation-wide and departmental competency frameworks, retention strategy, performance management systems, and succession planning process are sufficient to achieve your strategic objectives. 
While attracting quality candidates through your reputation is important, ensuring that you have sound selection strategies is paramount to hiring employees with the best role and organisational fit. Having clearly defined roles through job analysis and operationalised job descriptions is the first step, with psychometrically based selection tools being equally important.
Onboarding has been shown to be one of the most important factors in how quickly new starters begin performing at the required level, how well they integrate with the organisational culture, and their long-term retention rate. Onboarding cannot be treated as a once size fits all, rather programs must be tailored to the employee level and team or department.
Learning and development is essential for nurturing and growing your talent. The quality of L&D programs often reflect the performance management and succession planning in place. When we design these strategic systems we take into account the future coaching, skills training, development, and leadership needs of your workforce.
In order to monitor your employee experience and engagement levels it is essential that you assess on a regular basis. This will allow you to better understand your employees perceptions and also to pinpoint where there is scope for improvement. This information can tell you what your staff want and need and be used to enhance your recognition, rewards and benefits programs .
Some employees will remain with your organisation for a long time and will need to be engaged and developed on an ongoing basis. Others will choose to exit the business and it is vital that they are heard and understood through standardised data collection processes, and that their experiences are used to continuously improve your HR strategy and employee experience.
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