Organisational Level Strategy

Your organisational strategy defines the direction of your business and the specific goals which you endeavor to achieve. Whether you want to increase innovation, encourage growth and productivity, improve operational efficiency, create a performance culture, or improve the customer or employee experience; sufficient planning and alignment of business functions is fundamental. 

We believe that driving organisational strategy must start at the top and can work with your Board and/or senior executive team to design and implement the strategy that will propel your business in the direction it needs to go to best serve its internal and external stakeholders.

Solutions for Every Context

Regardless of your stage of business maturity and context; be it changes to your organisational structure, a focus on increasing your international reach, expansion or shifts in your target market, we can assist you with gathering the relevant information both internally and externally, strategic planning, process improvement, implementation and evaluation of success.







  • Education

    We understand the specific nature of organisational strategy and strategic planning in an educational context and are able to facilitate a complete solution from scoping, through stakeholder engagement and information gathering, to a functional strategic and action implementation plan or a shift in organisational strategy.
  • Not-for-Profit

    Having worked with a number of not-for-profit organisations, we are familiar with the distinct challenges of operating under a not-for-profit model, especially with a volunteer governing Board. We are able to provide as much assistance as necessary with the creation and operationalisation of your strategy to ensure you meet your objectives.

Strategic Alignment Solutions

It is integral that you align your business functions to effectively underpin your overarching organisational strategy. This increases the likelihood of accomplishing your strategic goals and improves overall operational efficiency.


If you are undergoing organisational change it is important to ensure that you have specific strategies in place to plan appropriately and align your leadership team and employee communications to encourage resilience.


Aligning your culture to changes in your strategic direction is imperative. Having a strategy to best manage the implementation timeline, as well as leadership engagement and communication cascading to employees is essential for success.


Recruiting and selecting the best talent and ensuring they are successfully onboarded, have adequate development opportunities and career progression will ensure you have the appropriate level of human capital to execute your strategy.


An aligned performance management and development strategy ensures you are able to elicit the behaviours your employees need to successfully execute your business strategy and that these are rewarded appropriately.


Poorly functioning teams across all levels of the organisation; from front-line staff to executive leadership can hinder the attainment of your strategic goals. Improving communication, decision making, and group dynamics is key.


If you have international operations or projects it is imperative that you have a comprehensive global mobility and expatriate strategy. This ensures expatriate adjustment, increased performance, and the success of overseas assignments.
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